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Japan Osaka Ramen 大阪福島のみつか坊主ラーメン

Assorted Miso Ramen

Select a soup base of various local miso styles or blends. They've got everything from white miso to red miso to a bowl of vegan ramen. With an emphasis on local products, including beer and sake brewed in the Kansai region, this shop is the perfect blend of taste and environmental awareness. Stop in for a bowl of heaven or order some online!


1-2-16 Oyodominami, Kita-ku, Osaka


About 11 mins walk from JR Osaka Loop Line, Fukushima Station. About 12 mins walk from JR Osaka Station.

Phone number



11:30-14:30 /18:30-23:30 (Sun/Holidays 17:30-22:00) *until sold out


Open daily

Available Languages

Japanese・English・Simplified Chinese

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