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(Liability Regarding Information Posted)

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  • B_family accepts no responsibility for losses incurred from information posted or trouble between users. B_family accepts no responsibility for damages of any kind.
  • There is no guarantee that information submitted to this site will be saved.


In the event that a user violates these terms and another user claims damages against B_family, the user will assume damages (including legal fees). In addition, if due to the violation of these terms trouble with a third party ensues, the user will assume responsibility and expenses to resolve it and will not seek damages from B_family.

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By providing the services of MAIDO。, B_family does not guarantee any of the following.

  1. All user requests will be met
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  3. That there are no computer viruses or other harmful items
  4. Damages from use or inability to use this site
  5. Various damages incurred from the pause in or stoppage of MAIDO。operations

(Applicable Law)

These terms are established, valid, implemented, and interpreted in accordance with Japanese law.

(Amendments, Alteration, Modification of These Terms)

  • These terms will be revised as is deemed necessary. Users will not be contacted in the event of a revision. Please verify the user agreement when you use this site. Use of this site after a revision has been made indicates consent to the revised version of the terms of use.

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