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MAIDO. is an Osaka tourist information site created to make Osaka even more exciting.

It is centered around travel information, but wehope that it will also grow to be a community where lots of information about Osaka and open opinions oneverything in Osaka can be shared.
There are lots of other tourism websites and information about Osaka, but this site is different because it is introduced by a new resident, Osaka Bob. Fascinated with Osaka, he became an “Osaka Tourist Supporter” and presents what he thinks is interesting in Osaka from a tourist perspective.

Plus, he is backed by staff that have spent more than 10 years managing media and publishing Osaka tourist information in order to help visitors have more enjoyable and convenient stays while helping residents learn to love the places they live.

We also work with native speakers of multiple languages who are familiar with Osaka, in order to provide useful information for tourists visiting from overseas in various languages. We believe that by viewing Osaka through tourists’ eyes, Osaka Bob and his friends offer an effectivemeans of spreading information.

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Businesses registered as business supporters can post ads on our site and run collaborations with Osaka Bob, as well as directly interact with fans of, and visitors to, Osaka.

Osaka Bob has tons of friends.
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You can submit articles and pictures for free on the Business Page, which only business owners can use. Promote what you do best and interact with our users who have a keen interest in Osaka.
Share your official website and contact information and use our platform as a tool to directly engage users.
We examine and analyze the performance of our business partners and help them in planning future business developments.

We also offer article ideas as well as photo shoots and interviews. If you would like us to help brainstorm events or give advice on how to promote your business, please contact us.

Bob family page
Bob family page

Collaborating with Osaka Bob

You can collaborate to have Osaka Bob and friends promote your products or post articles about their experiences at your establishment.
If you are interested in working out a plan, please feel free to get in touch.

Press Releases

Please use the inquiry form below if you wish to send a press release or publish other information for the press in MAIDO.

Please note that the Bob Family WORKS management staff will determine whether or not the information can be posted.

Feel free to reach out with any inquiries.

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We recommend that businesses operating in Osaka join as business supporters to help promote the scenes they are active in.
Join in and let Osaka Bob help you to promote the work you do.


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