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“Maido okini!”
I’m Osaka Bob, Osaka Convention and Tourism Bureau’s official mascot and an Osaka Tourist Supporter.

I have tons of fantastic places in Osaka to tell you about!
Let me be your friend in Osaka as we share information and talk with one another!

about Osaka bob

Osaka Bob works as Osaka Convention and Tourism Bureau’s official mascot, spreading the word about how wonderful Osaka is to people around the globe.

“I might not be from here, but I love Osaka just the same! I want to let the people of the world know how spectacular Osaka is.
Osaka Bob wasn’t born and raised in Osaka.
He’s actually a student from abroad who has fallen in love with the place. As such, he looks at things as a tourist might, and knows just how to fill you in on what’s great about Osaka has to offer.

We hope that all of you will visit and fall in love with Osaka just like Osaka Bob has!

Osaka Bob Family

These are friends of Osaka Bob who have also fallen in love with Osaka. They all strive to share what’s great about Osaka with the rest of the world, each focusing on a particular field they specialize in.

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