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Maybe all you need is a little luck! 6 spots to improve your love life♡

Are you looking for love? Have you already met someone? Do you need to spice up your romance?

Whatever kind of romantic help you are looking for, these places should be on your radar. Here are 6 spots in Osaka that are known for their power in matters related to love♡

●#1 Ohatsutenjin (Tsuyunoten Jinja Shrine)


This is the most well known shrine in Osaka that’s affiliated with love.

It is the setting of a tragic tale of star-crossed lovers who were immortalized in the early eighteenth century bunraku play “The Love Suicides at Sonezaki”. This true story of two young lovers, Tokubei and Ohatsu, who were betrothed to others and repeatedly betrayed by friends and family members, ends with their death scene on the grounds of this shrine. 

Although the real name is Tsuyunoten Jinja, the shrine is colloquially known as “Ohatsu Tenjin” for the heroin of the play. The depth of their commitment to one another and the lengths to which they were willing to go in order to be together has made this shrine a sort of sacred ground for lovers.


Look! Tokubei and Ohatsu are both wearing masks!


I hope all these wishes for love come true!

●#2 Tamatsukuri Inari Jinja Shrine


If you’re hoping to deepen your relationship or looking for a new partner, this is the place to go. 

This shrine is known for its special votive plaques (ema). They’re shaped like foxes and with their noses pressed together, they form a heart. And they are supposed to bring good luck to couples. Write your name and your partner’s on the back of the plaque if you are together. If you are still looking for love, you simply write your own name on the front. Then these foxes can use their powers to help you hunt for love. 


Just look at all these foxes in love!


The shrine venerates Shinto goddesses. It is frequently visited by women looking for luck in love, business, or for conceiving children. It was affiliated with Toyotomi Hideyori, the son of the great leader and lord of Osaka Castle, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and his courtesan Odo-dono. 

●#3 Kozugu Shrine


Kozugu is a lesser known shrine in Osaka, which is located on a hill. There are four entrances to the shrine grounds and following the “enkiri-zaka” path up the western side is said to be bad luck for couples. The three and a half turns along the route are believed to have the power to split up a pair. So this would be a good walk to take with someone you’d like to separate from, otherwise beware.

Just south of the divisive hill path, there is another route to the shrine grounds that is said to help couples stay together. It’s called “Aiai-zaka” and this path has two separate sets of stairs that meet before you can approach the shrine. Partners who climb the steps separately but reach the meeting point together will have excellent compatibility.


Oh, I hope Bob and I can reach the meeting point at the same time! He looks a little worried too. That or he’s really out of shape…

●#4 Aizendo (Shomanin Temple)


This temple is considered a sort of “power-spot” for love. The Buddhist deity of love, Ragaraja, is worshipped here and answers prayers for love, household harmony, and other related matters. There is also a special well on site that is believed to bring love to those who drink its water. 


Just a little drink of this should do the trick!

There is also a sacred tree modeled after one that appeared in the Matsutaro Kawaguchi novel “Aizen Katsura”. Couples who exchange their vows of love before this tree are supposed to have luck in their romance.

It can get crowded at the end of June for the Aizen Festival (Aizen Matsuri), but it’s never busy at other times of year.


●#5 Okuninushi Jinja Shrine


This shrine is affiliated with love because of a story about two kami, Okuninushi no Mikoto and Suseribume no Mikoto, who fell deeply in love at first sight. Suseribume no Mikoto’s father withheld his approval of the match and puts the pair through a series of tests. Okuninushi no Mikoto manages to save Suseribume no Mikoto from her father’s schemes, but at one point is nearly burned alive. Suddenly a mouse appears and helps Okuninushi no Mikoto to hide in a hole and thus he lives another day. Suseribume no Mikoto’s father finally approves the marriage and the two are very happy.

They say love is never easy… But really, facing a burning fire sure is asking a lot! It’s a good thing that mouse showed up. By the way, when you visit this shrine, you’ll notice that there are mice guarding the entrance instead of the more common dog or lion statues.


●#6 Nunose Jinja Shrine


This is the place for love fortune-telling. And the fortunes here are not necessarily good or bad, but are all short phrases written by contemporary artist Hiroko Ichihara. Some of them are funny, some of them will make you nod in agreement, and most of them have a very simple yet profound message. In matters of love, it’s easy to get lost in your own mind, but Hiroko’s messages can help you see things through a different lens. 

Mine says, “When you meet someone, you meet someone.” That’s so true! I totally felt like I met someone when I met Bob. It must be destiny!


I hope everyone’s wishes for love come true this year. And if not, 2021 is just around the corner!

Please visit one of Osaka’s special love shrines or temples to get some extra good luck for a happy romantic future ♡

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