A look at the “1 Year to Go Before the Opening of the Expo Event” where the official uniforms were unveiled

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Cool Official Uniforms for Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan! Stylish Designs Adopt SDGs’ Colors

Maido! Osaka Bob here.
Finally, it’s less than a year until the opening of Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan.
With “1 Year to Go” events being held everywhere, did you know that staff and volunteer uniforms were made public? This time, I’m going to tell you about the official uniforms that will be used at the Expo !


Staff uniforms selected from 513 creations

The uniforms for the Expo staff are based in white, with T-shirts adopting the red, green, and blue colors of the SDGs. The designs not only show refreshing taste but also convey cheerfulness and fun. Actually, the undershirts worn beneath the T-shirts are also part of the uniform set.

Official uniforms for staff

Staff are free to choose the color of their T-shirt, and both women and men can select pants or a long skirt for bottoms. The new normal of men wearing long skirts gives a sense of anticipation for novel discoveries to come .
A long skirt looks cool on a man. I’d like to try one myself!

To sum it up, the way these designs adopt a diversity standpoint by being inclusive of all ages and genders is just as you’d expect. MYAKU-MYAKU on the chest totally stands out, for a feel that’s very unique to the Expo.
These pieces were selected out of 513 creations (from 369 applicants) for good reason!

Uniforms are environmentally friendly, on top of having excellent functionality and durability

There are also official uniforms for operations, cleaning, and medical staff.

Uniforms to be worn by the Expo operations staff
Uniforms to be worn by the Expo cleaning staff
Uniforms for the Expo medical staff

There are also official uniforms for Association staff, and all the uniforms have excellent heat protection, comfort, functionality, and durability.
Since the Expo will be held from April 13 to October 13, 2025, there will naturally be some hot days. It’s important for the staff moving around the site to have the uniforms to pull off a perfect performance!

Not only that, but the uniforms are perfectly environmentally friendly: the white-looking uniforms for medical staff use wood thread made from materials obtained through forest thinning, and other uniforms use plant-derived materials too. They’ll be reused in various ways after the Expo ends, so they’re also spot on in their consideration of sustainability.

The “1 Year to Go” event unveiled uniforms in a fashion show

The official uniforms were unveiled in a fashion show at the “1 Year to Go Before the Opening of the Expo Event ~Towards a brighter future for all~,” held in Tokyo on April 13.

NMB48’s Karin Kojima walking the runway

Dressed as an Expo site service attendant here is Karin Kojima, member of idol group NMB48, a Special Supporter of the Expo.

NMB48’s Misaki Sakata and Keito Shiotsuki unveiling operations staff uniforms

Likewise, NMB48’s Misaki Sakata (left) and Keito Shiotsuki (right) made an appearance in operations staff uniforms. Their hats, shoes, and socks are also part of the uniform.

Amputee model Amane strikes a pose in a white uniform for medical staff

Amputee model Amane wore a medical staff uniform. It’s pretty cool! The actor Renn Kiriyama and LGBTQ human rights activist, artist, and Buddhist monk Kodo Nishimura also made dashing entrances.

A commemorative photo with all the participants in the “1 Year to Go Before the Opening of the Expo Event” held in Tokyo

The event featured talk sessions by eight Expo Theme Project producers, with each presenting the status of the thematic Signature Project they are preparing. In addition to video messages from Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, Ambassador Shinya Yamanaka, and Senior Advisors Katsura Bunshi and Junko Koshino, actor Munetaka Aoki and QuizKnock’s Takushi Izawa hastened to the scene, making the event a great success.

Oh! Another hot topic was that MYAKU-MYAKU spoke for the first time, saying “Hello!”
Maybe MYAKU-MYAKU will have more to say in the future. 😊

Volunteer uniforms are a simple, trendy navy blue design

The uniforms to be worn by volunteers were also revealed on April 22.
The volunteer uniforms come in two variations: navy blue and gray, or navy blue and yellow. They include a T-shirt, vest, hat, and pouch.

Uniform to be worn by the Expo volunteers
Yellow and navy blue  volunteer uniform

The navy blue base color is the color of one of the SDGs, “Partnership for the goals .” It’s fitting for the Expo volunteers from a wide range of generations, whose role is to connect people from around the world.
By the way, the navy blue and gray uniforms will be worn by volunteers active within the Expo site. The navy blue and yellow design is for volunteers active in urban areas, and it’s made to catch the eye even in places with lots of people coming and going, like stations and airports.

The uniforms have been unveiled, and it seems like people can see and know about Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan. Now, just like the uniforms adopted the SDGs’ colors, I’d like the Expo to be an opportunity to paint the world in a variety of shades and to lead to a bright future for all people!
That’s another reason for us all to start by making the Expo an exciting event!

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