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Shindachijuku Wisteria Festival


Shindachijuku is an old inn that lies on the Kumano Kaido pilgrimage route. The building and its grounds have been maintained for generations by the Kajimoto family. Although it is no longer open for business, the grounds are open to the public for approximately one week every spring for a special wisteria festival.   Over 40 years ago, Masahiro Kajimoto planted a single wisteria vine, which has grown to its current impressive size. It stretches throughout the garden and frames the traditional Japanese architecture with gorgeous purple blossoms.  On average about  40,000 flower clusters bloom in mid-April. However it has been known to produce as many as 50,000 clusters in one season.


1338 Makino, Shindachi, Sennan City


Approximately 8 min. walk from Izumi-sunagawa Station on the JR Hanwa Line


10:00-17:00(Night illumination until 20:00)

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