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Osaka Castle Illuminage 2022 (大阪城イルミナージュ)

Osaka Castle Park Nishinomaru Garden

Gorgeous light displays illuminate the grounds of Osaka Castle in retro themes from 150 years ago. Scenes from Osaka and famous landmarks dazzle and delight, using over 3 million bulbs! Guests are required to wear masks and undergo a temperature screening before entering.


Nishinomaru Garden, Osaka Castle Park


Short walk from Tanimachi 4-chome Station or Morinomiya Station on the Osaka Metro
Short walk from JR Osakajokoen Station


17:00–22:00 (lights off at 21:30)


Open Nov. 22, 2022–Feb. 26, 2023

Price・Average Cost

Adults (Jr. High School age and older): ¥1,500
Children (3 yrs. and older): ¥800

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